A brief glance back at Hampton Court

Well, I’ve gone and left my full Hampton Court post a bit late after my rantlet last week so instead of trying to cover the whole shebang I’ll tell you a bit about my favourite garden and a freaky plant I met.

This year I liked several of the gardens and even some of the conceptual ones (yeah I know, who’d believe it?) particularly Las Mariposas (Hopes of a Nicaraguan Girl) which was a big pink box full of butterflies in a field of stipa and catananche. It didn’t photograph easily and none of mine were worth showing but go and follow the link – it’s well worth a look.

My favourite was the Discover Jordan garden:

Discover Jordan garden at Hampton Court Flower Show

The Discover Jordan garden had a cross shaped water feature and warm stone.

Discover Jordan garden at RHS Hampton Court

From this angle you can see the slope of stone and natural style planting that goes up and over the arch.

Discover Jordan garden at RHS Hampton Court

The back of the garden showing the other side of the arch and the path through it.

I like the contrast between the smooth stone and very formal water feature with the ‘ruin’ behind. Also I have a love of doorways and arches that look like they go somewhere interesting. Other than that it’s hard to say why I liked it so much but apparently the judges agreed with me as it got Gold.

As always there were some lovely plants about the place too but this was one of the most striking:

Acanthus mollis 'Whitewater'

Acanthus mollis ‘Whitewater’

What do you think? Yes or no? It looks a bit anaemic to me but the pinkish stem is rather pretty and it’ll almost certainly be less rampant than its darker siblings which might be useful. I tend to come down on the side of ‘no’ which is probably due to my prejudices against variegation, particularly splashy variegation. The white flower with normal coloured leaves however would be great. Unfortunately I can’t remember whose stand it was on so I can’t tell them to get with the breeding!


3 responses to “A brief glance back at Hampton Court

  1. I think no re the acanthus (since you asked). I’ve softened my hard-line against variegation (a bit) but in your photo it looks like it has mildew. I was with you re £10k for a small garden btw. Dave

  2. I’ve also softened my line on variegation and yellow leaves (which often just look like they have a mineral deficiency to me). When I first glanced at it I thought it had paint all over it.

    I’m glad you agree on ‘cheap’ gardens 🙂

  3. wifemothergardener

    Very odd plant… a little too white I think… but interesting none the less.

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