A sprinkling of minor updates…

You might remember back in May I was worrying about the nasty brown patch in the lawn:

fungal dry patch in lawn

Woe is me!

Well, it looks a lot better now:

Fungal dry patch showing improvement after wet weather

Me is less woeful.

I am convinced now that this is dry patch caused by a fungus. Sometimes fungal mycellium (the white threads that form the below ground part of the fungus) can cause the soil to become hydrophobic and therefore much more susceptible to drought which is why after some excessively wet weather the problem is going away. I have been helping it along by pricking the area and have just started an experiment with a wetting agent i.e washing up liquid. This isn’t likely to completely remove the problem – I’d probably have to remove the turf and all associated soil and replace it to do that.


There’s happy green stuff in the greenhouse that will transmogrify into colourful tasty stuff soon:

Tomatoes growing


Unripe melon


Young cucumber



Echinacea 'Sundowner'

Echinacea ‘Sundowner’

The Echinacea ‘Sundowner’ I planted in my Christo bed is flowering and it’s fab, and very tasty according to the slugs.


4 responses to “A sprinkling of minor updates…

  1. The change in your lawn is amazing! I wish mine looked as good.

    • It’s quite a relief! I’m not so sure I can claim any responsibility for the improvement though. I guess we’ll find out if we have a dry spell.

  2. Never had any success with Melons and I completely forgot to plant Cucumber this year! Yours look promising though.

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