The Good, The Bad and the Beautiful – July 2012

The Good

Cor, get a look at my melons!

Melon 'Emir'

I have seven!

They’re Melon ‘Emir’ and I’m so looking forward to them ripening. I really hope I get to bring at least one home with me! This is the second year I’ve grown them and they’re no more difficult than cucumbers. I’m limiting each plant to 2 and it looks like I may have got over enthusiastic with the thinning – hence having an odd number of fruit. Oops.

The Bad

My long-reach hedgtrimmer is poorly. When I try to start it the poor wee beastie just goes chugga-chugga-huff. I’ve cleaned the spark plug and changed the air filter (which was surprisingly grubby) and have thus reached the limits of my mechanical knowledge. It’ll have to go off to someone who knows about these things while I wait anxiously for it’s return so that I can do the tops of the hedges.

The Beautiful

An unknown Penstemon catches some rays:

Penstemon in sun


10 responses to “The Good, The Bad and the Beautiful – July 2012

  1. I’m growing melons for the first time this year. Do you have them on the clay pots so they aren’t touching the ground?

  2. Dirty fuel, Libs – the chugga-chugga-huff is a clear symptom. Chuck the dregs, wash out the tank with some clean petrol, take out plug, pull starter several times while also priming to shift any dirt in fuel line. Then leave for a bit, re-insert plug, prime, start. Should work. If not, it’s the carb and will need experts!

    • Thanks! I’ll give it a try. My squeezy measuring bottle for two stroke oil disappeared a while back (I blame farmer guy or the boss) and I’ve been using a measuring jug instead which might be to blame.

    • I gave this a try and it did actually start so it definitely helped. However it still stalled the moment I took my finger on the throttle – no idling for me! So it’s gone to the machinery hospital.

  3. I should do as Mr K says. Sounds like he knows what he’s talking about. D

  4. You win with those melons! Amazing… and very photogenic….

  5. Melons look great. Are you feeding them with fertiliser ?

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