Scarecrow silliness

It’s farm day at the towers today and so last week we were given our most bizarre task ever – make a scarecrow. Then someone suggested it ought to be a competition and each of the ‘departments’ should make one. It all got a bit competitive after that.

I cleared out some old fancy dress stuff to donate to the cause and having decided on pots for arms and legs a la Bill and Ben, MsV and I pretty much made it up as we went along.

Meet Priscilla, Queen of the Garden:

Colourful scarecrow

We’ve got some stiff competition from the farm team whose brilliant scarecrow I sneaked a peek at. I didn’t see what the office or cleaners came up with and the family’s involved satin and pearls. It’s going to be a tight competition (I believe the public are voting) but I reckon Priscilla can pull a last minute gold out of the hat, especially given it’s a funky rainbow hat.


3 responses to “Scarecrow silliness

  1. I think those tomatoes are safe.

  2. Don’t know about the crows but it frightens the bejesus outta me. D

    • I know, there’s something worrying in the blank stare isn’t there? But at least there’s some funk going down. It didn’t win the competition by the way… I wonder why?

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