Pigs, yarn and roses.

Work is not being particularly interesting at the moment as it mostly consists of watering, spraying weeds, strimming, mowing and finishing off the last of the hedge-trimming. But to enliven things we have new pigs:

Young saddleback pigs


And a textile exhibition courtesy of the Mid-Essex Guild of Weavers, Spinners and Dyers:

Yarn sample dyed with Mulberry

Samples of yarn dyed with leaves from our Mulberry tree.

Fleece and yarn

Fleece from our sheep and undyed yarns.

Natural dyes exhibit

The natural dyes exhibit

Exhibition of textiles.

I knit so this kind of thing is heaven for me!

It’s well worth a peek if you’re in the area and you’re at all interested in fibre, knitting, spinning, weaving etc. One of the ladies generously offered to spin me some of the Castlemilk Moorit fleece (a sheep breed – we have some at the tower) so that I can knit myself some fingerless gloves for winter. Yay!

And so as not to disappoint those hard-hearted souls who are indifferent to both pigs and yarn:

Rosa 'Sombreuil'

Rosa ‘Sombreuil’


3 responses to “Pigs, yarn and roses.

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  2. I am not a knitter, but those pigs are cute. I think I could grow to love one.

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