The Good, The Bad and the Beautiful – August 2012

The Good

Tomatoes, cucumbers and aubergines

Today’s haul from the greenhouse

The dark toms are ‘Black Russian’, the round red tomatoey ones are ‘Alicante’ and I can’t remember what the tiny yellow ones are. I’m hoping there’ll be enough tomorrow for me to snaffle some for a Spag Bol. My aubs are coming out small as usual, and the cukes… well, see below.

The Bad

Sickly yellow cucumber

Do you think it’s catching?

I think this is because of the Red Spider Mites the plant has, but it might also have downy mildew (not powdery though, that was last year) and I guess it’s possible that the plants are out of nutrients, despite me feeding them. The newer leaves and cukes are looking fairly unaffected. Apparently the yellow ones are partly edible, partly a bit on the bitter side, which is probably my boss’s polite way of saying ‘it was gross, we threw it away’!

The Beautiful

Cotinus 'Grace' with raindrops

A bejewelled Cotinus ‘Grace’ this morning.


8 responses to “The Good, The Bad and the Beautiful – August 2012

  1. I have lots of greenhouse tomatoes but they have been ripening very slowly and I think the erratic weather has affected their taste – not as good as last year. I assume you are not growing yellow cucumbers 🙂

    • Yeah my toms are behind too but I can’t comment on the taste as I don’t like them raw so even when I do take some home I only eat them cooked. Got to hope next year will be better!

  2. patientgardener

    well I am disgusted at your tomato crop as I have no ripe ones at all but I do have lovely green cucumbers so there!!!!

    Thanks for joining in

  3. Well, you’re doing better than me with your harvest-that’s not saying a lot though Lol! I’ve had 3 tomatoes so far, with a few more coming, & some chillis on the way! Ill-health, weather & the dreaded slugs have put paid to the rest, but there’s always next year…..:)

    • My chillis are still green, but every year I’m surprised by how late the peppers ripen. You’d think I’d have learnt after the first couple of years, but apparently not!

  4. Your basket of veggies looks pretty good to me. That is a nice haul. You are right, your Cotinus is a beautiful image. Very pretty.

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