Alien potatoes

Today I harvested my ‘Arran Victory’ potatoes and they are the most bizarre blue colour. Straight from the ground they look fairly normal:

Arran victory harvest

Arran Victory

But once they’ve been scrubbed they look most odd:

Arran victory

Potatoes from the planet Zorg. Or something.

I roasted them with their skins on and they were nice and floury in the middle. and had a good flavour. Unfortunately they lost the blue colour in the parboil.

The harvest was not bad, though there are very few large potatoes, which may be the variety.  I grew them in re-usable potato bags and given it uses much less space than open ground I’ll definitely do it this way again. If you want to supply your entire family’s potato needs for a year, it’s not the solution, but for a few meals of home grown blue weirdos it’s a good way to go.



6 responses to “Alien potatoes

  1. I rather like those!

    Last year I grew Blue Danube – blue skin, white flesh. The main disadvantage was distinguishing potatoes from stones when we dug them up. We missed loads; much less danger of that with the bags. There’s another advantage…

  2. They look delicious. I have eaten the blue potatoes and enjoyed them. Have a good harvest!

  3. Glad you had success with your potato bag, I’m inspired to have a go, a few nice new potatoes would be a treat. Christina

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