Plant of the Month – September 2012

This month I’ll be having a peek at one of my favourite shrubs:

Viburnum opulus

Viburnum opulus

Also know as the Guelder Rose, Viburnum opulus is a shrub or small tree which is native to Britain. It has lovely white flowers in Spring, followed by bright red berries in September and often a glorious red autumn leaf colour too.

Viburnum opulus berries

It seems it will grow pretty much anywhere. The one pictured gets rather soggy every winter and thrives in the clay soil, but I’d give it a try almost anywhere but real extremes. They grow to about five metres tall and a bit less than that across; there is a compact variety called (with great imagination) ‘Compactum’ which reaches about 1.5-2m. There is also a yellow leaved variety available called ‘Aureum’ and its leaves are a pretty yellowish lime green, but I’ve found it’s rather prone to scorching.

Viburnum opulus

At home in a native woodland, or an ornamental scheme, grown as a shrub or perhaps on a single stem as a small tree Guelder Rose is a really adaptable, beautiful plant. You know, I think it’d look great with a clematis scrambling through it, preferably one with attractive seedheads for a really good autumnal display…


2 responses to “Plant of the Month – September 2012

  1. You have answered a question that I have been trying to figure out for the last couple of years. There is one of these in the hedge, just down the road, and I was amazed by the amount of berries in winter and the gorgeous flowers in spring. Thank you for choosing this as “Plant of the Month”. 🙂

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