Lawn lawn lawn yawn

Today I had a visit from a turf expert. This was a great excuse for me, my boss and said turf expert to wander the lawns pontificating before retreating from the rain for tea and more pontificating.

Tulip tree and lawns

Tulip tree plus yawn

Well, lets be honest I scavenged every last bit of turf perfecting advice I could from the guy, who was very polite and at no point asked me what the hell I was doing calling myself a gardener when there are dandelions in my best turf. Which was nice of him.

Fungal dry patch in turf

Fungal dry patch in turf

He said that barring mortgaging the towers for hellishly expensive treatments there was nothing I could do for the fungal patch I wasn’t already doing, which was a relief.

Also I learnt a new thing – aerating can really be done anytime throughout autumn and winter. I’ve always thought of it as an autumn job, but it takes the pressure off a bit to know I’ve got a bigger window than I previously thought. He also confirmed my suspicions that our scarifier is really not up to the job and we need a more beastly device to really give the lawns a good beating.

So I’m gearing up for some thorough mistreatment of the lawns. It’s that time of year… I will try not to bore you!


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