An arboretum?

What do you think the diminutive of Arboretum is? Arborina, Arboritini, Arborette? Because we seem to have the core of one at the Towers.

How have I only just figured this out having worked here for six years? Um…

There is a neglected patch of trees and undergrowth that is not part of the main garden and except strimming it once or twice a year we do very little with it. The most dominant resident is a large Eucalyptus and there are quite a lot of Aspens. Barring those most trees are a bit spindly, oh there’s a whitebeam, and a rather nice Acer negundo at the bottom, but otherwise you know, just a bit of a waste area.

Acer negundo

Acer negundo

Last winter the owner decided he wanted it opened up a bit so the big white poplar in the middle was taken down along with a couple of the spindlier looking specimens about the place. Well, one of the stumps of those spindly specimens has sprouted:


Surprise! Paulownia!

I’m theorising that it was never happy enough to flower in its pre-chop spindly shape, or if it did it was a bit half-hearted and being well out of the way behind lots of trees it went unnoticed – I prefer the former explanation because it involves me only being somewhat unobservant as opposed to godawfully so…

Oh and there’s a Liquidambar and a Gleditsia too…


Gleditsia – not sure what species or variety

I am distinctly ashamed that I’ve never given this area the consideration it so clearly deserves. It’s off the beaten track and to make it accessible to the public would be something of a task so a proper renovation will probably not happen in the immediate future, but I could at least label it up properly for the future.

There is one tree that’s a complete mystery to me and if you guys can help I will be eternally grateful:

Unknown leaf

Mystery tree

Some kind of Pterocarya maybe?

With the exception of the one mystery tree, I’ve managed to identify the genera of all the trees but I’m still unsure of the species and/or variety of several of them.

I’m caught between being excited at the (long term) prospect of using this (plus a couple of nice trees in the neighbouring field) to make a small arboretum area and being annoyed with myself that I’ve missed some of the more interesting trees and the potential of the area for six damn years.


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