Plant of the Month – November 2012

Let’s have some ancient fossil tree autumn colour!

Ginkgo biloba

Ginkgo biloba

Ginkgo biloba is awesome for many reasons, one of which is its ancientness. For three million years or so Ginkgo biloba has been the only Ginkoales on the planet. As a garden tree it’s quite big, ultimately reaching around 30 metres tall although there are dwarf and columnular varieties that would be great in a small to medium sized garden. With its mobile pale green leaves it makes a lovely dappled shade and then turns this beautiful butter yellow in the autumn.

It’s fully hardy and will grow in most well-drained soils. It likes sun and the autumn leaves look great in a the sideways autumn sun, although the specimen pictured is in a north facing spot and seems to be coping.

Ginkgo biloba close-up

Lovely leafage

Really though, is there any more reason required to grow this plant than those leaves?

PS. Sorry this is a rather briefer than normal but I’m busy this weekend and if I don’t post it now it’ll be horribly late!


4 responses to “Plant of the Month – November 2012

  1. I was recently introduced to this plant – it was planted with Japanese Maples and the Autumn colours together are simply spectacular! On my “wish list”!

  2. I love gingkos – they are such a mystical tree. There is one where I work and it is wonderful

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