The Good, The Bad and the Beautiful – November 2012

The Good

Leaves leaves leaves. I’ve spent most of the month raking leaves. Now that might sound like a complaint but it’s not. Ok I’ll admit when I’ve been raking leaves all day and my arms are aching I might get a smidge bored of it but I really enjoy this autumn task.

Swamp Cypress needles

Heaps and heaps of Swamp Cypress needles

Are you a leafblower person or a rake person? I’m a rake person. Why turn a pleasant, quiet job which smells of leaves and grass into a noisy job that stinks of two-stroke exhaust? Speed I suppose.

The Bad

puddles on the drive


Unlike some poor souls we haven’t been seriously flooded out this month but still, there’s been enough rain to disrupt my work. The lawns have been wet enough that I’ve been unable to weed any border edged by them, the borders themselves are wet enough I shouldn’t step into them because I’d compact the soil and also get completely balmed up with mud. Although I’ve managed to find plenty of useful things to do I’m behind on my usual November task of tidying all the borders and this makes me a little sulky.

The Beautiful

One of the wonderful things about autumn is that it makes you look at bark and the shapes of the trees.

Gnarled tree


6 responses to “The Good, The Bad and the Beautiful – November 2012

  1. I’m a rake person also. When hurricane Sandy came around, she blew every leaf off our trees so we only had to spend one full day sweeping and raking to get them deposited into the five compost bins.

  2. patientgardener

    Good post
    I like raking leaves it is very satisfying. I have much sogginess but no flooding and I love looking at trees at this time of year.

    • We made a trip to a local nature reserve this weekend and it made me think I ought to spend more time with properly wild trees – they have a lovely atmosphere about them. Well usually anyway, you do get the occasional grumpy one. . .

  3. I don’t rake leaves and I don’t blow them. The wind usually gets rid of them eventually. I do try to clear them away from the primulas though.

    • This year I’ve raked even more than normal as I haven’t been able to get the mower onto the lawns to just chop them up. I leave them on the borders i will admit unless they’re smothering something.

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