The Good, The Bad and the Beautiful – February 2013

The Good

I’ve been coming home stinking of wood smoke for much of the latter half of the month. FarmGuy, MsV and I have been coppicing a mostly elm hedge that was massively overgrown, saving the trunks for logging and burning the brush. So lots of fires! I love fires ~cackle~


Me? Pyromaniac? No…

After all the joking about my previously undetected pyromania I came home to a car on fire in my street which was a much more worrying fire (and no it wasn’t vandalism thankfully).

The Bad

I’ve been rather quiet on the blogging front. I’m not sure whether this is because it’s not an exciting time of year for the garden or because I’m doing some fiction writing and am therefore getting my writing ‘fix’ elsewhere. I’m not even reading many blogs – sorry everyone!

The Beautiful

This Daphne has been smelling gorgeous throughout the month.

Daphne Bholua 'Jaqueline Postill'

Daphne Bholua ‘Jaqueline Postill’

It’s a little chlorotic on our slightly alkaline clay but otherwise seems fairly happy. Quick explanation – Chlorosis is yellowing of the leaves due to iron deficiency. Some plants can’t take up iron as effectively when grown in soils with a high pH and so plants which require a low pH often end up with the symptoms of iron deficiency.


11 responses to “The Good, The Bad and the Beautiful – February 2013

  1. I hope you had at least a few marshmallows with your fire. 🙂

    • Oh now there’s an idea! Not sure the boss would be happy if he came along to find us toasting ; mind you he’d probably be quite susceptible to a marshmallow bribe so it might be worth a go next time!

  2. I almost cried when I saw all that burning brush. So good for composting wood chips. Makes gorgeous soil.

  3. I’ve been using stuff I cut from old shrubs to make garden stakes. Some of the remainder I’ve used for kindling. I would love to have a chipper to make wood chips but don’t want to spend the money or deal with another gas engine in the garage.

  4. That looks like a well-constructed heap. I haven’t made a bonfire in ages, since the council collects garden waste.

  5. Here in Ireland bonfires have been banned because of environmental issues. However you can still have those stupid patio heaters or a barbeque or a chiminee. Crazy! I like a nice bonfire.

  6. Hiya Libs, – meant to ask whether you wanted a few Inverewe to try out this year? If so, e-mail me.

    • Ooh I’d love to but I’m slightly worried the florindae haven’t made it. There doesn’t seem to be any sign of growth there yet 😦

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