Plant of the Month – May 2013

Anemone sylvestris

Anemone sylvestris

Every May the Anemone sylvestris emerge and put on a glorious show for a few weeks, starting about the end of April. They are rather like our native wood anemone (Anemone nemorosa) on steroids having similarly divided leaves and nodding white flowers but reaching a foot or so tall instead of a few inches.

I hear rumours of repeat flowering in autumn although mine have never acheived this feat. They spread about quite a bit and I understand that in lighter soils than ours they can be a bit of a pest, but such a pretty pest.

Anemone sylvestris

Anemone sylvestris

Natives of meadows and woodlands they are happy even in quite deep shade, though here they are in partial shade. One or two clumps are in full sun and although they are a bit less vigorous than the ones in the shadier spot, they seem to be doing ok.

Nodding in clusters with the church in the background they bring to mind a crowd of choirboys with their heads bowed. If my Dad’s tales of being a choirboy are anything to go by I shall soon find them behind the shed having a crafty ciggie.


3 responses to “Plant of the Month – May 2013

  1. They are very beautiful, your photos are really enjoyable.

  2. We have a number of these in our shady backyard. They have just started to bloom and are spring favorites of ours.

  3. From the photo, your anemone sylvestris has similar flowers to my anemone hupehensis. I wouldn’t label mine as plant of any month though, it’s chewing up my patio as I type.

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