Chelsea Crumblets

I had a wonderful day at Chelsea on Wednesday and took about two hundred pictures (why?! will I ever process them all? No!) and have had no time to prepare them for your perusal. In fact, given a long weekend in a tent beckons (insert expression of joy here), I won’t have time for a proper post-Chelsea post until sometime next week. Mea culpa and so on and so forth. So here are a couple of crumbs to keep the ravening wolves from the door…

The M&G garden got the Libby’s Fave Award:

The M&G Centenary Garden

The M&G Centenary Garden

Oh, and the RHS gave it a gold. I like the colours and planting and the fact that there are lots of details to spot – I suspect some might find it a little cluttered but I rather like that.

Favourite flowers from the blimmin’ great tent:

Iris x hollandica 'Gypsy Beauty'

Iris x hollandica ‘Gypsy Beauty’

Isn’t it gorgeous with the brazen cheerfulness of that blue and yellow?

And this ‘mum is sumptuous with its black leaves and sunburst flowers with a lime green heart:

Crysanthemum 'Delistar Saffira'

Crysanthemum ‘Delistar Saffira’

I’ll have a further dig around in my piccies next week and find some more for you. You never know, I might manage to string some intelligent words together too (don’t bet on it).


2 responses to “Chelsea Crumblets

  1. Very, very beautiful, and yes, I really like the Centenary Garden photo.

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