The Good, The Bad and the Beautiful – July 2013

Only six days late. Ahem. Anyway, moving swiftly onwards.

The Good

We’re going to be on the telly again! ‘Flog It!’ was filmed at the Towers in the middle of the month. It’s a BBC antiques programme that is the baby brother of Antiques Roadshow.

It’s always a bit wierd when we’re going to be filmed because the areas that will be on camera get extra special attention (because I’m sure on an antiques programme they would linger on a shot of a stray thistle, of course they would) and the other bits get sort of… left to fall behind. A little. So having been manically making the main areas extra special perfect, I had a week’s holiday and now we’re catching up on the private gardens and other nooks and crannies.

The Bad

There I was, doing a bit of edging, smiling at the members of the public walking past, laughing politely at the ‘you can do mine when you’ve finished’ joke for the nth time (if I had a pound…) when a nice lady approached me, smiling. ‘Aha!’ I thought to myself, ‘she wishes to avail herself of the mighty wikipedia of gardening knowledge who kneels before her picking up small bits of grass from round the edges of the lawns.’

‘Excuse me,’ she said, ‘Can I ask a question?’

‘Of course.’ I said, slightly smugly.

‘There’s a weed in the knot garden. Could you tell me what it is?’

After I’d picked my pride off the lawn (it landed on a daisy) I followed her to look at the offending weed. It was oxalis:


Sneaky little purple blighter

I think there might be a moral to this story about pride or maybe doing the weeding. But mostly just… Grrr Oxalis.

The Beautiful



Dahlia 'David Howard'

Dahlia ‘David Howard’

Bee on lavender

Tasty tasty lavender.



4 responses to “The Good, The Bad and the Beautiful – July 2013

  1. but on the other hand, it is a rather pretty Oxalis. Pam at Digging in Texas has been admiring a rather larger Oxalis with eggplant coloured leaves ;~)

  2. At least oxalis is one of the prettier weeds …

  3. You’ll not get rid of that Oxalis easily, within a couple of days weeding, hoeing, spraying, whatever the means it reappears with vigour. I’ve been battling it in a number of rose beds for eight years now and all I seem to do it cultivate it!

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