Summer pruning the espallier apples

Earlier in the year I posted a ‘how-to’ on training espallier apple trees and in that post some summer training and pruning is mentioned. I’ve just done it:

Espallier apple in summer

Espallier apple in summer

What I did:

1. I tied in the new laterals to the diagonal canes. These will be lowered to horizontal this winter.

2. I cut side shoots back to a few leaves. These will be shortened further in the winter.

3. I replaced the cane frame because I still haven’t been given the wires I’ve been promised since these trees were first planted! Given each horizontal tier of branches represents a year, and the first year’s efforts were destroyed by hungry goats you can figure out how many years it has been. I can’t do it myself since it’s particularly beloved brickwork. Resigned sigh…


5 responses to “Summer pruning the espallier apples

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  2. Sometimes we are asked to be very patient! Still I do hope you get the wires soon and the goats can be better managed!!

    • The goats are now housed in Goat Alcatraz (i.e a goat pen that has hurdles tied to the top of the fence to make an extra high barrier) thankfully. They also got to some of the roses one year.

  3. I had to laugh when you talked about the goats getting the first year’s growth. We had a sweet little Jersey cow that used to eye my small greenhouse from time to time so I made it as safe from her as I could. Just as my corn was ripening (we live in a cold part of BC so it has to be grown inside) I was horrified to go out and find all of the plants merely stumps in the ground. Somehow she’d wormed her way inside and eaten them all. I could have cried. She gave us lots of cream though so I expect she figured it was a fair trade.

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