It’s oh so quiet

You may have noticed that I’ve gone a bit quiet lately. There is no crisis or anything – I just seem to be having a slump in my garden blogging mojo. Not only am I not writing this blog but I’m not reading garden blogs either.

What I am writing and reading is fiction. So I’m going to buff up my writing blog (Libby Scribbles) in the near future and have something of a haitus here.

Autumn evening sun

Best wishes to you all and I hope it’ll be no time at all until I’m back here scribbling away about soil, slugs and special plants.


5 responses to “It’s oh so quiet

  1. That GBM slump is a killer isn’t it? I’ll miss you scribbling about soil, slugs and special plants, Libby – but enjoy your time off. D

  2. Look forward to reading your writing blog. I’m torn between fiction and nonfiction on my blog right now but I guess I can do both.

  3. It happens. I was just sooooooo busy in the garden recently that the last thing I wanted to do was write about it as well. Have a good break!

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