A Tymperleys Update

The garden at Tymps has been growing like crazy. I’ve got a nifty little battery powered mower for it now (Bosch – can’t remember the exact model) which is pretty good. It feels a little flimsy but it’s light enough to pick up and carry with ease and cuts nicely – I’ll definitely be considering one for my own small garden next time I need to get a mower.

Herb garden at Tymperleys

The back garden at Tymps

The cotton lavender needs to be cut back hard after it’s flowered as it’s a little floppy, but otherwise I’m really happy with how it’s going. The weeds are getting into the fight back now but the soil is light enough to make hoeing easy.

Jacob's Ladder

Jacob’s Ladder

This pic of the Jacob’s Ladder (Polemonium caeruleum) illustrates the colour scheme nicely. The blues and yellows make the garden seem cheerful and sunny even on an overcast day.

Geranium 'Silver Queen'

Geranium ‘Silver Queen’

I’ve planted this geranium in the shadier end of the garden and its pale blue flowers are luminous.

Tymperleys front garden

Tymperleys front garden

I haven’t done much in the front garden as the border to the left of this picture will probably disappear under flagstones. Having the tables on the grass isn’t ideal as the grass won’t appreciate quite so much traffic. The bland shrub border to the right can be given a bit of  a revamp once the paving layouts are finished.

You can see that the big lavender bushes along the front of the building seem to have survived having builders around. Phew!

If you’re in Colchester you can go and have a look – the tea room is open now (it’s also available as an events venue) and I have to say the food was lovely when my Mum and I popped in for lunch one day. I’m not just saying that, honest!


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