Basic Gardening How-To

I hope you’ll find my handful of how-to posts useful:

How to make a grass labyrinth A mown grass labyrinth can be a beautiful and simple feature.

How to prune shrub roses Some people are intimidated by rose pruning but there’s no need. Be brave and dive in!

How to prune climbing roses Tidy up your climbing roses but don’t fall off the ladder! This post follows on from the shrub rose how-to.

How to prick out seedlings An essential step in growing your own plants from seed.

How to improve your lawn Five simple steps to taking lawn care up a notch.

How to train an espallier apple tree. It’s easier than you might expect. And this post follows up with the summer pruning.


2 responses to “Basic Gardening How-To

  1. hi when should you plant persicaria?

    • Hi Angela,

      Spring or autumn should be fine, really anytime that it’s neither freezing cold nor baking hot is ok for most perennials. If you plant in spring remember to water through any dry spells in the plant’s first summer.

      If you are buying them bare root (which is unlikely unless you’re using an online supplier or wholesaler) then early Spring.

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