A New Project

It looks like my blog mojo might be flowing again. And what has helped the sap to rise? Spring of course. That and a new project. My employers have bought the lease to Tymperleys, a historic building in Colchester that, until recently, has been a clock museum. They’re opening it as a tea room and functions venue. But who cares about that? The exciting bit is that I’ve got a new garden to play with!

The garden is a town garden and can be split into two areas. The front has a lawn surrounded by borders consisting mostly of shrubs. There are several large and lovely lavender plants along the front of the building (which isn’t pictured because… well I was more interested in the garden and forgot, nevermind – it’s largely covered by scaffolding at the moment anyway).

Tymperley's front garden

Front lawn and stylish blue door

We’ll be making this a bit more interesting in the future but it will stay largely as it is for the time being until the paving for outside dining has been finished and we know exactly what we’re dealing with.

The rear part of the garden has geometric beds, brick paths and several mature trees.


The geometric beds and trees

Those large evergreens at the back are bay trees. I was amazed at the size of them and have to admit that until I took a proper look I was just assuming they were Holm Oaks (oh the shame). The gnarly old crone on the left is a Mulberry tree with a TPO that I fear is not long for this world as there’s a lot of rotting wood right at the base.

Initial plans are for fresh planting in the geometric and corner beds and the trellises on the walls. Later on I will make better use of the shady area under the trees too. I have a colour scheme in mind for this area – I’m aiming for cheerful yellows, whites and blues (which will veer towards purple just because true blue would be a very tough restriction) to give this garden a fresh and sunny feel.

The building is medieval and so I want to give a nod to that in my planting by using a number of ancient herbs but by restricting my colour choices I hope to also give it a modern touch and prevent it from slipping into being twee.

I do love this bit – the anticipating and planning and imagining! I’ll be sure to post an update once there are green things going into the soil (which is beautiful by the way – loose and crumbly and dark, yum.)


3 responses to “A New Project

  1. Well aren’t you the lucky ducky! Looks like you’ll have a lot of fun with the garden. Enjoy.

  2. It sounds like an exciting project. If it is open as a tea room I shall be able to come and see what you have done this summer as I live quite near to Colchester.

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