Beginnings and Endings

MrK and I have successfully moved our lives to the Midlands and I have already found a job! On the Friday before we moved house I was interviewed for the Head Gardener position at a private garden. Virtually a zombie from all the moving house malarky, I managed to be late despite three backup route finding methods (always a great time to find the relevant pages are missing from a paper map!) and I’m not sure I could coherently say my own name, let alone latin plant names but somehow they liked me enough to give me the job, which is lucky because I had fallen in love with the place. It’s a historic house and the gardens are just my style with formal outlines and pretty plantings. There’s more topiary than I’m used to and there’s a sizeable veg patch which I’m very enthusiastic about. My colleagues are lovely and the place has a close-knit and friendly atmosphere.

The Parade of Hornbeams

The Parade of Hornbeams

However, as it’s a private house and garden I’m going to refrain from blogging about it. The garden closely surrounds the house and I could take very few pictures without including my employers’ house and so it would be very hard to avoid invading their privacy. So I’m hanging up my garden blogging pen. However, once I get settled in to work and the new house I do intend to polish off Libby Scribbles and try to do more blog reading and commenting than I have done lately so you’ll still find me lurking about on the internet. So ta-ta for now – I’ll see you around and about!

Japanese anenome on the terrace

Japanese anenome on the terrace


7 responses to “Beginnings and Endings

  1. Congratulations on the new job!

  2. will miss your posts … but congratulations on finding a happy new place!

  3. Good luck, Libby. Both ‘my’ gardens are owned by people who are publicity shy. I don’t show photos of the houses on my blog and have given them both pseudonyms but I get your point. Shame not to hear about your new garden though. I love the hornbeams. Dave

    • Oh the hornbeams… I haven’t got my assistant yet so we’re getting a contractor to trim them this year, much to my relief. Next year I’ll probably need to get friendly with a cherry picker. Wheeee! They are very pretty though. I’d never have thought to topiarise something so huge!

  4. Sorry to see you go. I wonder if you’ll feel the blogging bug biting again – it’s a difficult habit to say goodbye to. Congratulations and good luck in the new garden. It looks lovely.

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