All Change Here (this line terminates at this station)

I’ve been ever so quiet for the last few months, haven’t I? The biggest reason is that I’m going to be leaving Layer Marney Tower in July. MrK and I have wanted to move to the Midlands for a long time – almost all of our friends live there and we spend so much time on the A14 and M1 that it’s ridiculous. Well, now MrK has a job in Nottingham that starts in September and we’re in the middle of selling our house and buying one up there. I’ve been keeping an eye on the national horticulture job sites and once we’re up there I’ll be showering the surrounding area with my CV in a great job hunt.

I’m planning on doing a last Tymperleys post (in fact I’ve already taken the pictures) and a farewell to Layer Marney post. After that, we’ll see. I’ll have some exploring to do of nearby gardens, plus a garden to make at the new house and so I’m actually intending to start posting more regularly again. While I’m between jobs I’m going to focus on my non-gardening writing too, to see if I can actually get something published.

So here’s looking to the future whatever it holds. I can be sure there’ll be gardening and writing but in what proportions and where, who knows?

Autumn evening sun


3 responses to “All Change Here (this line terminates at this station)

  1. Good luck to you on your new adventure! Nottingham. The name conjures up images of Robin Hood and Sherwood Forest.

  2. ah another one between. Our house is under offer. We’ve begun by taking out some monster trees in our next garden. And now we wait – for someone to buy their house, so we can all move on!

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